Web scraping features for your peace of mind

Automated web scraping

Your data is extracted by robots able to scrape millions of pages every day.

Dedicated project manager

A dedicated contact person who knows your requirements and ensures they are met.

Anti-avoidance measures

No website can prevent you from crawling publicly accessible data.

Manual data entry

Complement you web scraping projects with manual data entry where needed. All from a single provider.

Intelligent data matching

Stratalis matches your scraped data with your own pre-existing databases.

Continuous quality assurance

Enjoy the reliability afforded by our strong QA process based on a mix of automated and manual checks.

Custom data-driven applications

We build the data-driven software that complements your data feeds.

Custom APIs

Integrate third-party sites with your software systems with custom-built APIs.

Stratalis runs your web scraping missions from specifications to data delivery. Get a quote today