Custom application programing interfaces

Wrap third-party web applications in your own reliable API

Do your information systems need to be integrated with legacy or third-party websites that offer no API?

This kind of integration can be quite a challenge, in particular to programmers who cannot afford the time expense of maintaining web scrapers. Stratalis can build and maintain APIs that wrap around any website, regardless of whether it’s under the control of your company or not.

Based on your specifications and careful analysis of the remote sites, we build a clean, simple and reliable interface that any programmer can easily work with. Errors are handled swiftly, taking into consideration and mitigating the limitations of working with websites outside your control.

The software that translates between this custom API and the remote site runs on our infrastructure. This lets us intervene within a short timeframe defined by the Service Level Agreement whenever an issue arises due to changes on the third-party controlled site.

The concrete benefits for your company are that:

  • Your developers skip on expensive web scraping work and is able to concentrate on the core aspect of building your project
  • You save on unpredictable maintenance man-hours that inevitably arise with dealing with sites you don’t control or cannot change
  • You save on uptime when the remote sites change requiring client-side adjustments

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