Dedicated project managers

A project manager for you web scraping needs

Have a single point of contact who knows everything about your web scraping project.

Web crawling and data extraction is a more complex endeavour than is often assumed. From ensuring that unstructured data is turned into structured data to guaranteeing that the data matches the brief, there are multiple steps that are completed to a superior level by our trained eyes.

Stratalis has dedicated project managers, who will oversee your project from your first contact to the moment we send you your final request for data (and after that too, just in case you discover something unexpected in your delivery).

Here’s how your project manager ensures your data extraction project is successful:

  1. He analyses the sites your data will come from and validates that your specifications can be met, if this is not the case he will suggest alternatives
  2. He will liaise with the programming team to extract the data
  3. He will oversee the quality assurance process to make sure that the data to be delivered is correct
  4. He will deliver your data
  5. He will remain your first point of contact for the duration of the project

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