All-inclusive web data extraction services for your business

Stratalis extracts knowledge from the web to produce custom datasets that can help grow your business. Scroll down to learn more.

Leverage web data to gain a competitive edge

Data is never a bad investment. Our customers take advantage of web scraping to optimize their pricing, listen to their consumers, analyze markets and economic activity or even relieve their clients from having to export data files.

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Enhance your business with custom data feeds extracted from the web

External data can improve your product, marketing, sales and website.

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Stratalis provides valuable data to your business

We scrape the web for the data you ask and deliver structured, ready-to-use files that match your requirements.

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Valuable data for your business

Receive any data found on the web that is valuable to your business, structured into a ready-to-use format - no matter how big or complex the project.

The entire web is your source

Stratalis scrapes virtually any website, including the increasingly prominent JavaScript and AJAX-rich web applications and those that actively try to block web crawlers.

No software to configure

Don't worry about technical details, save time, and let us handle the surprise element: a site that's obsfucated, blocks your ip or changes structure every other week.

All-in-one data extraction

With web scraping, data matching, manual quality assurance and data entry all offered by Stratalis, you save the expense and risk of coordinating multiple providers.

Deal with specialists

With Stratalis, speak directly with specialists, not sales staff that lack the technical expertise your project deserves.

Assured confidentiality

Maintain the confidentiality of your sensitive data-gathering projects. We're happy to sign an NDA and we'll stick to it, no exceptions.

How it works

Our very simple process guarantees your data is delivered reliably

Tell us about your project

You tell us about the data you want to receive: sites to use, attributes to retrieve and how the results should be formatted.


We build and run an extraction robot

We make a web scraping program tailored to your project and run it on our infrastructure.


You receive verified data at the desired frequency

We run the resulting data through quality control before delivering a file that matches your specifications. You can subscribe to recurring updates, up to several times a day.


All-inclusive web scraping services for your peace of mind

Automated web scraping

Your data is extracted by robots able to scrape millions of pages every day.

Dedicated project manager

A dedicated contact person who knows your requirements and ensures they are met.

Anti-avoidance measures

No website can prevent you from crawling publicly accessible data.

Manual data entry

Complement you web scraping projects with manual data entry where needed. All from a single provider.

Intelligent data matching

Stratalis matches your scraped data with your own pre-existing databases.

Continuous quality assurance

Enjoy the reliability afforded by our strong QA process based on a mix of automated and manual checks.

Custom data-driven applications

We build the data-driven software that complements your data feeds.

Custom APIs

Integrate third-party sites with your software systems with custom-built APIs.

Stratalis runs your web scraping missions from specifications to data delivery. Get a quote today


How can web scraping help you achieve your objectives?

Assortment monitoring

Find how your competitors' catalogs differ from yours and they evolve

Website bootstrapping

Obtain user-generated content to bootstrap your own site or demonstrate functionality

Financial and economic monitoring

Turn web data into market insights

Lead acquisition

Scrape public domain data or your supplier's website to enrich your own

Opinion monitoring

Analyze consumer-generated content to optimize your communication


Fine-tune your prices thanks to price monitoring


Gather custom prospects databases

Scientific and technical data

Monitor your field and acquire useful datasets


Source products and optimize your B2B purchase prices

Site update monitoring

Always know when sites the that interest you change

Do you have a web scraping project? A project manager can help you refine your requirements. Tell us about your project today