Beat vendor lock-in with a custom migration solution

Re-claim the ownership of your data, for a smoother migration

No more restricted data exports

Does your SaaS provider limit your ability to export data with inadequate features and support? At times, this could be to keep you locked-in to their system.

Web scraping can extract any information displayed on your screen and transform it into a structured format. We can even upload it directly into your new software solution!

Both your legacy and the new system can run in parallel until you’re ready to make the switch.

We don’t require your password

We understand if you might be reluctant to share passwords to your internal systems. So we won’t ask.

While we do need some form of access to develop your tailored data migration solution, we don’t need an account that has access to your data.

Your data remains private, at all times

Stratalis can ensure your migration data remains absolutely private and away from our reach.

Though more complex to set up, this approach relies on solid and verified data security foundations that guarantee the privacy of your data.

The possibilities are endless

We are experts in bespoke scraping and web automation. Get in touch for a quick and free estimate of your project.

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