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A best-kept productivity secret, revealed to you

Augment productivity with a WebExtension

Get more done with our customised browser add-ons. These nifty web extensions can enhance your everyday web usage in a number of ways – aesthetic improvements, block ads or any programmable custom use. The possibilities are endless.

No more menial data tasks: semi-automate what cannot be fully automated

Do you have a data manipulation project that won’t (realistically) work without some form of human involvement? With web extensions, you can have the best of both worlds – while your teammates do their value-adding job, our web extensions take care of the boring and repetitive tasks.

Our extensions are compatible with virtually all desktop browsers

Our extensions are compatible with virtually all desktop browsers

Most internet browsers are similar when it comes to working with APIs. Meaning the same code will run on all of them, barring some features only available in a subset of browsers. We’ll give you a heads-up should your project be affected by differences in browser support.

Integrate and customise the web with browser add-ons

Create custom buttons that take context from a website and translate it into action on another webpage or web app. Our browser add-ons insert themselves into websites and add smart features that allow you to do more, all without bothering the website.

All the scraping you need, without being blocked

Here’s a scenario: you have a legitimate need to scrape a reasonable amount of data from a website. But the anti-scraping measures on the site simply won’t allow you to use bots, or worse yet, block you.

That’s where our web extensions come into play. By combining human-led navigation on a real browser with our extensions, you avoid alarming the website and its anti-scraping measures.

Incredible ROI

Web extensions are cost-effective (and clever) compared to elaborate software and other alternate solutions. Extensions are built upon browsers that provide a universal, reliable and simple environment with a pre-existing graphical interface, without the overhead of hosting them on a server.

While they might not do every little thing a computer program can, they are way more cost-effective to build and use.

The possibilities are endless

We are experts in tailored web scraping and automation solutions.

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