Pricing and quote request

Know the price for your data extraction project

Custom pricing for custom projects

Every data feed generated by Stratalis is tailor-made. Projects range from one-off extractions to daily data feeds spanning dozens of websites and subject to a service-level agreement.

To know the price for your project, please fill in the quote request form on this page. A project manager will prepare a quote based on your requirements or get in touch with you if it is necessary to clarify some aspects of your project.

Pricing structure for recurring projects

We offer recurring data extraction services on a no-contract basis. Our projects incur a one-time setup fee and a monthly charge. In the rare case where the volume of traffic cannot be foreseen, a volume-based fee can apply, based on a transparent metric. Contract-based agreements for periods of one year or more are also available.

The price for your project usually depends on the number of websites to scrape and their complexity, the scraping frequency and, in some cases, the volume of data.

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