A complete web scraping solution

All the data you need, hassle-free.

Data as a Service

With Stratalis, you don’t need to worry about code, proxies or computing resources. Simply specify the data you need, on a one-off or recurring basis, and we deliver.

Structured data export from any website

Extract data from virtually any website, regardless of the complexity, and receive it in a structured format. While a lot of our work is automated, each project has the oversight of a skilled web scraping ninja (programmer).

Anti-scraping measures? Not a problem.

Website operators continue to ramp up the use of anti-scraping measures as off-the-shelf solutions become commonplace. We consider it our mission to find the most cost-effective workarounds to get you the data you need, with a positive ROI.

Websites change all the time

We know this too well, which is why our pricing includes maintenance, to account for website changes. Our switched-on team is always ready to dive back into your project, should your target website change.

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Receive data the way you want it

Receive data the way you want it

Flat files (CSV, Excel or JSON) for one-off or regularly recurring data needs. A custom web service for data needs with historical tracking. Or have the data fed straight into your system with our integrated API based instant data delivery.

How it works


Tell us about your project

We get to know more about your project and consult you on the possibilities. We then provide you a cost estimate.
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We code, test and run

We roll up our sleeves and get coding. We either code custom web extensions or web scraping robots that run on our cost-effective and scalable infrastructure.

You receive your data!

You can choose to receive your data in a specified file format, through a web service by Stratalis or fed straight into your APIs.

Make your web scraping project a success with Stratalis.

Rely on scraping veterans, benefit from expert advice, save time and get your data cost-effectively.

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