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Scraping is easy. Right?

Sure. With novice programmers often training on scraping assignments and several point-and-click scraping tools out there, scraping sounds easy.

But when it comes to enterprise-grade scrapping that can overcome anti-scraping protections, deliver cost-effective scrapping projects at scale, navigate complex websites, and respond quickly to a moving target of constantly changing website, you are better off working with a seasoned team that has seen it all.

This is why we exist.

We love confidentiality

We understand that your relationship with the target websites can be complicated. You can rely upon us to maintain complete and strict confidentiality about our project together.

We’d gladly accept your decision for us to sign an NDA before project kick-off, or even after we’ve begun.

We understand your needs

At Stratalis, we have experience with the entire value chain of web scraping and automation. We understand your constraints and tradeoffs that you have to consider. We will advise you on how data scraping and other data sourcing solutions can be best used in the most cost-effective way.

Make your web scraping project a success with Stratalis.

Rely on scraping veterans, benefit from expert advice, save time and get your data cost-effectively.

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